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Classic Ladies

I sometimes think people place too much value on classical literature just because it is classical. Having been written in the 19th century does not automatically a good book make, no? I mean, have you READ The Old Man and the Sea? It is several hundred pages of some old fart gazing out into the […]

Workout Playlist #26

1) Simple Plan – I’d Do Anything You’re acting like you hate it, but you know all the words, so who’s the chump now? 2) Europe – The Final Countdown From the sublime to the ridiculous, what playlist is complete without Europe’s biggest hit? Well, other than the other 25 of them, I mean. 3) […]

Stop Lying to Yourself: Etiquette Edition

As women, we have been denied a great many of our rights throughout history: the right to vote, the right to own land, the right to do with our bodies as we want, the right to buy pants that fit over our hips and still fit our waists. We have been trodden on by patriarchal […]

A Lady’s Guide to Pooping in Public

Greetings, all, and welcome to the LGPP, arguably one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the summer. Before you get too excited, this is not a guide to hunkering down and going Numero Dos right in the middle of a busy highway or your child’s preschool. You are a beautiful, empowered woman and all that, […]

Workout Playlist #25

1) Survivor – Eye of the Tiger Rocky knows you can do it. 2) Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard – Hungry Dana Linn Bailey’s husband Rob has put out an EP, and a lot of it is a bit repetitive, but most of it is designed as workout music and is pretty effective. 3) […]

A Lady’s Guide to Workout Logs

I promised a full-frontal explanation of my workout notebook, and far be it from me to disappoint, so here it is: a small but feisty guide to logging your workouts. Why is it important to write down or log your daily workout? For me, it has been helpful because I like to have variety in […]

Workout Playlist #24

1) The Cars – Just What I Needed Bet you didn’t know this was by The Cars! They are so versatile and perfect for a cardio session. 2) Starship – We Built This City I sing this to my boyfriend’s cat all the time, replacing the word “city” with “kitty.” She clearly loves it. She sinks her […]