Monthly Archives: December 2012

On Putting Sharp Objects Near Your Babymaker

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to decide whether or not to deal with her pubic hair. Many of us already shave our bikini lines or at least trim (although there is nothing wrong with not doing so), but some of us go the extra mile and take it all […]

Workout Playlist #4

1) NSYNC – You Got It A staple of my childhood. NSYNC will get you in the mood to feel the burn. 2) Eminem – Lose Yourself One of the most classic motivational songs of all time. There’s no one who knows how to spit a rhyme like Eminem. 3) John Mellencamp – Hurts So Good When you’ve […]

Breakfast for Champions

We all know how important breakfast is. After all, that notion has been beaten into our skulls from birth by the Breakfast Nazis. Whether or not you believe that breakfast is an important part of a balanced diet, let’s get one thing straight: breakfast foods are gods among foods. They are vehicles to our mouths […]

Who Taylor Swift Sleeps With is None of Your Business

Taylor Swift has become almost as controversial a musician as Justin Bieber – it seems everyone either wishes her burned alive at the stake, or wants to be physically bonded with her atoms. There is no middle ground. I personally think that each and every one of her songs is the auditory equivalent of having […]

Workout Playlist #3

1) Ke$ha – Die Young I secretly think Ke$ha is a genius. She has made a fortune on doing absolutely nothing except covering herself in glitter and warbling about drunken debauchery. It’s impressive, when you think about it. 2) Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams If you want to feel like the fate of the world […]

A Lady’s Guide to Saying, “Screw the Gym Today.”

As previously established, I like to work out on the reg. It gives me both a feeling of confidence and a healthy, strong receptacle in which to dump pasta. I usually attend a gym, but oftentimes, life gets in the way of my daily gym visit. There are various reasons why leaving the house to […]

The Talk

Warning: If you are a member of the clergy or my immediate family, I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO READ ON. Let’s look at a few pictures of puppies while they get on their way, shall we? Now that they’re gone, it’s time we had The Talk. The Talk about anal sex. Now that at […]