Workout Playlist #23

1) Imagine Dragons – Demons

A great song to harmonize to. If you’re into that sort of thing.

2) Tenacious D – Beelzeboss

Dave Grohl is a sex machine in this movie. If you’ve never seen The Pick of Destiny, you owe it to yourself to lower your standards and go get it.

3) The Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex

A-kon has a sense of humor, apparently. “Still counts!”

4) Foo Fighters – The Last Song

This has nothing to do with any Miley Cyrus movies, past or future.

5) Queen – We Will Rock You

So cliché, yet so apropos.

6) Blink 182 – I’m Feeling This

Tom DeLonge wants to take your clothes off. Also, that round at the end is DIVINE.

7) The Cars – Shake It Up

An iconic band of the 80’s, The Cars are no less fun and funky today.

8) Ellie Goulding – Lights

Does anyone know what she’s saying? Anyway, she has a beautiful voice.

9) Rush – Limelight

Combine Boston’s guitar, a young Freddie Mercury’s voice, and raw emotion, and you will be rocking out to some Rush.

10) Fatboy Slim – Funk Soul Brother

The soundtrack to every 90’s movie, back when life was easy.

Total Playlist time: 36:21


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