Monthly Archives: August 2014

Shoulder Workout for Mad Swole Delts, Brah

Shoulders can be a very neglected part of the female physique, but they are an essential muscle to build up for complete upper body fitness. Strong shoulders will not only help you to lift and push any heavy object, but they look awesome in a strapless dress. Some people like to work their shoulders into […]

Workout Playlist #39

1) Weezer – (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To  This sexually-liberated anthem from nerd heroes Weezer is peppered with a twanging guitar line. 2) Eddie Money – Two Tickets to Paradise  For your very own 80’s workout montage. 3) Foreigner – Hot Blooded  I want to dance on a table à […]

Why I Hate “The Bachelorette”

My lovely friend and sometimes-roommate Emily is a big fan of the popular reality show “The Bachelorette”. She says she knows how idiotic it is, scoffing, “Well, it’s clearly scripted… but I can’t stop watching it!” She values the show mostly for hate-watching purposes, yet she cannot deny her involvement in what is happening to […]

Why is (Chocolate) A “Girl Thing?”

Today’s post is brought to you my: My Period! You’ve probably heard the stereotype that woman love them some chocolate. If you’ve never heard this stereotype, please click on over to a stock photography website, search for “woman chocolate” and then try and tell me it doesn’t exist, you little shit. The advertising industry knows […]