Workout Playlist #26

1) Simple Plan – I’d Do Anything

You’re acting like you hate it, but you know all the words, so who’s the chump now?

2) Europe – The Final Countdown

From the sublime to the ridiculous, what playlist is complete without Europe’s biggest hit? Well, other than the other 25 of them, I mean.

3) Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard – Hold Strong

Who is this Mr. Standard, anyway? He sounds like an upstanding gentleman.

4) California Liar – I’m Not Over

I know this is weird, but if Vampire Weekend got a little bit more “bro,” they would sound like California Liar.

5) Lustra – Scotty Doesn’t Know

Possibly the most wondrous of all the quintessential one-hit wonders.

6) Eminem – Won’t Back Down

New school Eminem is OK sometimes. Especially featuring a way-less-annoying-than-usual Pink.

7) Shinedown – Enemies

Shinedown has a lot of versatility, and this is one of their most awe-inspiring.

8) AC/DC – Back in Black

You wish you could hit high notes like Brian Johnson. But you just pump iron to them.

9) Lady Gaga – Just Dance

I heard this on the radio the other day and was transported back to high school. It was a fun experience.

10) Dr. Dre – Forgot About Dre

Featuring Eminem! So it has to have phat rhymes.

Total playlist time: 38:52


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