Monthly Archives: November 2013

Feminist Dictionary: “Check your privilege”

On this week’s “Feminist Dictionary,” I’d like to address a phrase you’ve likely heard batted around the internet, perhaps in the company of such minions as “rape culture.” “Check your privilege” is something that defenders of the innocent and less fortunate say in order to call attention to their persecuters. When someone says something that […]

Space Balls

The other day, I stumbled across this tumblr, entitled “Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train.” It’s exactly what it sounds like – photos of men sprawled across subway seats, legs akimbo, ballsacs fluttering in the breeze. The subtitle is “A classic among public assertions of privilege,” the thesis being that men spread […]

Workout Playlist #31

1) Vampire Weekend – Unbelievers I was so worried these guys would be one-hit wonders after “Mansard Roof,” but they continue to put out more and more addictive tunes. 2) Saliva – Click Click Boom Set a PR to this one. 3) Bowling for Soup – Girl all the Bad Guys Want Why did I […]

A Lady’s Guide to Gossip

I knew it was a problem when they named a TV show after it: Gossip and girls. It can be super tempting to talk about someone behind their back. Sometimes it’s a classmate or coworker who has been acting like a total dickhole for months, and you feel like the agony of interacting with them […]