Monthly Archives: October 2013

It Ain’t Easy Eating Greens

I don’t know about y’all, but I feel empty inside if I haven’t eaten anything green in color all day. There are lots of very nutritious vegetables that are orange, or purple, or red – but a green vegetable just feels so good going down. Here are a few recipes that will keep you coming […]

Lord of the Flings

It always comforts me in my hour of need to hear people tell terrible stories about past hookups. It is that moment when you sneeze in the face of the person you’re boning, or when your grandmother walks in on your threesome, that feeling is the very crux of human existence. The bone-deep, mind-melting humiliation […]

Being Single: A Manifesto

I have never been on a blind date. I have never used a dating website. I have never had sex on the first date. What is wrong with this picture? I’ll tell you: absolutely nothing. There is a lot of pressure as a woman to put oneself “out there.” To me this sounds like hurtling […]

Workout Playlist #30

1) New Found Glory – Connect the Dots This entire time I thought he says “a cheap shot right to the junk,” which is so much better than “a cheap shot right to the jaw.” Someone call Jordan Pundik. 2) AC/DC – Thunderstruck If this, in your mind, is not awesome guitar, you’re wrong. 3) […]

Feminist Dictionary: “Rape Culture”

When Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines” hit the airwaves this summer (at least I think it was this summer – I’m so behind on music news I’m pretty sure John Lennon’s funeral spread is just now getting cold), people completely lost their minds. With lyrics like “I know you want it,” and “The way you […]