Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Ultimate Guide to Behaving Like a Lady at the Gym

Do you gym? I gym. If you don’t gym, you can pretty much ignore this. This is geared toward those of us who, not content to simply collect boob sweat in the comfort of our own homes, must inflict our grunting and dripping on complete strangers in a public place. Don’t get me wrong – […]

The Pursuit of Pappyness

So pap smears. It sure is an ugly word, isn’t it? Pap. Pap. Pap. Pappy. Pap-arazzi. Pap-eroni. OK, I’ve gone too far. But guess what – getting your yearly pap smear (drumroll please)… isn’t that bad! In fact, it’s downright doable. Here’s why: 1) It gives you peace of mind. Until you have one, who […]

Welcome to the Plaaaaaneettttt

Greetings Ladies and reasonable facsimiles thereof, Hi! My name is Sarah. Nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much about you. Having been a member of the human race, and, more specifically, the lady race, for quite some time now, I decided that it was time for a blog. A blog that would perhaps […]