Monthly Archives: September 2013

Snax, Bitch

Nibbles, am I right? I realized that I have a couple of tasty vegetarian entree recipes on this website, but I haven’t shared my favorite recipes for uncomplicated little dishes you could serve at a party or on the side at dinner. So without further ado: Asian-Inspired Farro Salad I think this is only Asian-inspired […]

Why is (Gardening) a “Girl Thing”?

My mother is what you might call a die-hard gardener. Having abandoned flowers some years ago, she now grows almost all of the produce we consume in our household. Eggplant, corn, enough zucchini to choke a horse, an amount of soybeans that I’m reasonably certain breaks some kind of zoning law – they all spring […]

Feminist Dictionary: “Baby Bump”

Are you pregnant in Hollywood? No, you’re not. You just think you are. Actually, you have an abdominal tumor fondly known as a “baby bump!” When gossip magazines run out of thighs to make fun of and relationships to demean, they like to move on and focus their attentions on celebrities who are trying to […]

Workout Playlist #29

1) La Roux – Bulletproof She’s not just a cool haircut. 2) Eminem – Cinderella Man Can you imagine if Cinderella was a dude? That would be pretty much the single most drag thing ever. 3) B.o.B. – Bombs Away Combining fast, deft rap lyrics with a highly synthesized and yet orchestrated background and guest […]