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A Lady’s Guide to Being a Cougar

Many women have a specifically revolted reaction to the idea of dating a younger man. We as a society have decided that men should always date women who are younger than they are, or else the terrorists have won. This distinctly contradicts the alleged fact that all my female friends became sexually active at the […]

Why is (Pop Music) A “Girl Thing”?

We all know that sex is not always¬†a deciding factor in what kind of entertainment a person enjoys. Just because a particular movie or band has a target audience of middle-aged males does not mean that it is incapable of appealing to anyone other than middle-aged women. For example, I used to watch Gilmore Girls […]

Feminist Dictionary: “Bitch”

When I was a little girl, I was a model citizen. I got good grades, I did what my parents told me, I behaved nicely to other children. This was partly due to my irrational and all-consuming terror of getting in trouble. I wasn’t sure what happened to kids who had to stay after school […]

A Lady’s Guide to Waxing

*THIS IS BY NO MEANS A SPONSORED POST. I AM NOT BEING PAID FOR ANY OF MY OPINIONS. CAPS LOCK, LOL* Are you curious about home waxing kits but have always been too big of a pussy to try one? Are you terrified of waxing parlors? Are you interested in removing your body hair and […]