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Workout Playlist #44

1) My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay There are two kinds of people: those who secretly love My Chemical Romance, and liars. 2) Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills I’ve never heard Bruce Dickinson sound so much like Dio as he does in this song. NOT complaining. 3) Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars […]

Workout Playlist #43

1)¬†Clean Bandit – Rather Be Why not start out with a funky dance track? This one is getting a lot of play on the radio lately, but it somewhat smacks of the 80’s to me. 2)¬†Catfish and the Bottlemen – Kathleen The award for most cumbersome band name goes to Catfish and the Bottlemen, but […]

The Ultimate Driving Playlist

When you hear a song that is just perfect for driving to, you know it. Somehow, we are innately programmed to understand which songs make a great soundtrack for inhabiting a moving vehicle. They are soundtracks to a new beginning, or a wild chase, or just a lazy Friday night. Here are some of my […]

Christmas Playlist!

I’ve never understood the attraction to this new-school, R&B bullshit when it comes to Christmas music. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to hear you riff 4,378 times during “Jingle Bells.” Therefore, this is my ultimate Christmas 2014 playlist, so you can rock out to some classy-ass music while you’re putting up decorations. (Sorry, non-Christmas […]

Workout Playlist #42

1) Big Data – Dangerous This infectious 70’s-inspired groove has just enough funk to it to get your workout off to a good start. 2) Breaking Benjamin – I Will Not Bow And now for something completely different! 3) U2 – The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) I mean, if you’ve bought a new iPhone recently, […]

Workout Playlist #41

1) Metallica – Fuel Metallica will start your workout off with fuel, fire, and – dare I say it? – that which you desire. 2) twenty one pilots – Guns For Hands I love how, just when you think you know exactly where the downbeat is coming, twenty one pilots surprises you again. 3) Rise […]

Workout Playlist #40

1) Quiet Riot – Cum on Feel The Noize This (vastly superior) cover of a Slade song will get you super pumped for your workout! 2) Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong One of the few songs currently on the top 40 that sounds like it actually had some thought put into it. 3) […]