Monthly Archives: June 2013

Feminist Dictionary: “Body Positive”

I decided that this site needed yet another new series. Feminist Dictionary will focus on buzzwords that have recently become popular in feminist (and mainstream) media that you should know about. There have been a lot of these buzzwords lately, and I feel like it’s important to address not only their definitions and origins, but […]

Workout Playlist #27

I know the workout playlist of the week has been on a little hiatus, but it’s only because I was saving this especially good one as a treat for you. Really. 1) Britney Spears – Stronger Cause this workout will make you like Britney – stronger than yesterday. 2) Blink 182 – Give Me One […]

Sweat is Sexy

This sounds like the sort of mantra you’d see on Pinterest, photoshopped over a picture of a greased-up fitness model wearing an $80 sports bra. But unlike most things on Pinterest, this pearl of wisdom has a nugget of truth to it. Why are so many women embarrassed to be seen post-gym? Tabloids are constantly […]

Why “Food Guilt” is an Implement of The System

“Ooh, I was so bad last night, I ate a whole pint of ice cream myself!” “Tacos are totally my guilty pleasure.” “Those cupcakes look positively sinful!” Why is it that so much of the language we use about our diet revolves around these particular words? “Sinful,” “guilty,” “bad” – all words related to morality. […]

Why is (A Purse) A “Girl Thing”?

I’ve decided that this blog needs a new series addressing the bizarre way society has of delegating certain things to certain genders. Makeup is feminine, neckties are masculine; cheerleading is feminine, football is masculine; salads are feminine, nachos are masculine. I began to wonder: do any of these gender divisions have biological reasons? Could I […]

A Lady’s Gift Guide

Today, because it is as far from Christmas as it is possible to be, let’s do a gift guide! That makes sense, right? But seriously, you probably failed miserably on Mother’s Day. Don’t screw up again for your Dad. He’s counting on you to deliver some righteous booty to his door. That didn’t come out […]

Stop Lying to Yourself: Sex Edition

This is sex, people. It’s no place for self-deception. 1) Mental Adultery Your partner is thinking about other people while you fuck. It’s a fact of life. Why would they think about you? You’re right there in front of them. They already snagged you. They are now fantasizing about territories untrodden – Angelina Jolie, or […]