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Workout Playlist #13

1) Simple Plan – Addicted 3:54 He totally says dick. 2) New Found Glory – My Friends Over You 3:44 This is especially great for running with a buddy! 3) Scorpions – No One Like You 4:00 Someone please make a mashup of this and “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” 4) Ozzie Osbourne – Crazy Train 4:50 Why can […]

Food is my Boyfriend

I happen to be a vegetarian. Thus, none of the recipes I post will ever have meat in them. If tearing into a freshly slaughtered carcass is your cup of tea, you may be reading the wrong blog. However, if you are the kind of person who is interested in hearty, protein-filled, delicious vegetarian meals, […]

A Lady’s Guide to Ultrasounds

Or: The Inaugural Time That I Almost Peed my Pants at the Hospital You may think that ultrasounds are the kind of rigmarole that only those of us who have allowed the seed of the opposite sex to impregnate us with child have to suffer through. Unfortunately, you are mistaken. There is an abundance of […]

Workout Playlist #12

1) Kanye West – Stronger 4:27 I sometimes feel as though liking Kanye West’s music is like saying Hitler did some pretty good paintings, but this song is such a tune. 2) Fountains of Wayne – Stacey’s Mom 3:24 Admit it. You love this jam. 3) Kate Nash – Mouthwash 4:03 Kate Nash has really fun, light vocals. If you like […]

Let’s Play Dress-up!

ATTENTION: None of the companies featured in this post have any idea they are featured in this post. Thankee. Sometimes (not all the time… but sometimes) I like to revel in the fact that I’m a lady. During those times, I put colorful substances on my person and flounce about. And you can, too. Here […]


Dear friends, Romans, countrywomen: KNOCK IT OFF. I am so sick of reading blogs, websites, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. because what is the one thing they have in common? I’ll take “women lying to themselves about what they are putting into their mouths” for 500, Alex. It is so very, very tragic and also makes me […]

Workout Playlist #11

1) Boston – Peace of Mind Praise be. 2) Imagine Dragons – Radioactive If you don’t listen to the radio, you may not have heard of these guys, and that would be a travesty. 3) Guns N Roses – Paradise City Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. 4) Muse – Madness […]