Monthly Archives: May 2014

Workout Playlist #36

1) Beyonce – Crazy in Love Starting it off old school! 2) Pat Benatar – Hit Me With Your Best Shot A classic power anthem with strong female vocals and a rollicking guitar line. 3) Styx – Renegade This song starts out slowly, but when the harmony comes in you will probably have an eargasm, […]

In Which I Talk Smack on Katniss Everdeen

Writing a female character is difficult. Writing ANY character is difficult. Yet I think that writers, whether it be for TV, movies, books, or even video games, get caught up chronically overthinking their female characters. It’s tricky to strike a perfect balance. If your female character is a piece of shit, people will criticize you […]

A Lady’s Guide to Posture

WHERE MY TALL LADIES AT?! Tall girl problems, am I right? Pant cuffs stop mid-calf when you sat down. Short people are constantly asking you to get things down from shelves for them like a bunch of helpless babes. You are constantly bumping your head on door lintels designed with toddlers in mind. And worst of […]

Stop Lying to Yourself – Fitness Edition (Part Deux)

Guys. WHEN will you learn to stop lying to yourself. (Part 1) 1) Workout Fashion is Bullshit You know these tank tops? The ones that women on Pinterest love to make from oversized T-shirts? The ones that always have a cute bow or knot in the back? Well, I have tried them. I have worn them. […]