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A Lady’s Guide to Protein Powder

Protein up, brah. Protein powder is an excellent whey (see what I did there?) to get pure muscle-building protein directly into your face after a workout. It is designed as an easy, fast, convenient method of protein delivery that you can just mix into water and chug down. If you are working out (or even […]

Children’s Books to Reread (Or Read to Actual Children)

I don’t know about y’all, but every now and then on a cold, rainy day, there is nothing better than a cup of hot tea and a couch upon which  to curl up and read something you’ve read a thousand times already. Books can function almost like comfort food in that manner – every time […]

Workout Playlist #21

1) Blink 182 – All The Small Things Only Blink could compose an entire song out of two-word phrases. 2) The Click Five – Just the Girl Even if you’ve never heard this bubblegum pop romp before, you’ll feel as if you know it by heart after one listen. 3) The Beatles – It Won’t Be Long I […]

A Lady’s Guide to Being a Penis Detective

How often have you wished you could tell a man’s penis size without ever seeing it? Let the ancient Hindus teach you. You may have heard of a book called the Kama Sutra. Written somewhere around the 4th century BCE by a Hindu philosopher named Vatsyayana, the Kama Sutra is oft quoted in trashy women’s […]

A Lady’s Guide to Camping

Ahhh, spring! That time of the year when a young man’s fancy turns to love. And perhaps a young woman’s fancy turns to the outdoors! Hiking, gardening, bicycling, hiding in the bushes and drenching passing children with the garden hose – there’s nothing like a little recreation under the sun. One of my favorite outdoor […]

Workout Playlist #20

1) American Hi-Fi – Flavor of the Weak 3:16 Don’t be the girl in this song. Don’t be the flavor of the weak. Be the flavor of the strong! Or whatever. 2) Muse – Knights of Cydonia 6:06 When a thrashing symphony on electric organ and multiharmonic, shrieking falsetto voices come together, you get Muse, and […]

Ain’t No Party Like a Dang Tea Party

Tea! If I am ever feeling unattractive and grouchy, a nice cup of tea makes me feel leagues better. The cozy warmth, the cuteness, the daintiness… what could be more stereotypically feminine? Seriously though, the benefits of tea have been known for thousands of years, especially if you drink it without the caloric addition of […]