About ALGE

Greetings, Ladies and reasonable facsimiles thereof,


Having been a member of the human race, and, more specifically, the lady race, for quite some time now, I decided that it was time for a blog. A blog that would perhaps be of use to other owners of vaginas. Why, you ask?

Because the world is a tough place for all of us. But one might argue that women have it rougher than our phallus-endowed counterparts. We have many problems and philosophical quandaries to navigate through on a daily basis. And we’re expected to do it in four-inch heels.

Now, I don’t profess myself an expert at ladyhood. That would be presumptuous of me. All I know is that I’ve experienced many of the typical Lady issues that I’m sure we all eventually come face-to-face with, and I am none the worse for wear.

Disclaimer: This is not a blog about fashion or makeup. It is not about acting a stereotype. It is not about how to become so attractive that, upon seeing your maiden form, all the men of the world instantly tear the crotches of their trousers with the sheer force of their raging hardons. It is simply about how to conduct oneself in an manner that is agreeable not only to yourself, as a prime example of glorious womanhood, but to the other denizens of planet Earth.

Also, I use words like “douchenozzle” and “taint” and – get out your smelling salts now – even “pussy”. Please take no offense. Womanhood ain’t always glamorous and it ain’t always purty. Such is our curse. Such is our blessing.



  1. samssocial · · Reply

    I feel like I’ve accidentally walked into the ladies changing rooms and shouldn’t be here. Can’t stop reading though. Is that wrong?

  2. What a great blog. Each topic is relevant, humorous and throughly entertaining x

  3. MySpecificCarbohydrateDiet · · Reply

    Awesome blog! I hope you don’t mind – I’ve linked to one of your posts on my blog. Great sense of humour and just so darn true! Looking forward to following you 🙂 Debby

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