Monthly Archives: October 2014

A Lady’s Guide to Waxing Part Two

You may recall, especially if you have nothing better to do than sit around in your beanbag chair all day reading crotchety feminist blogs in your underoos, that I previously did a guide to self-waxing featuring the Nair sugar wax kit and titled it “A Lady’s Guide to Waxing,” aimed toward all those of you […]

Leg Workout for Definition

So we’re all squatting. (You are squatting, aren’t you? You’ll love it, I promise!) And squats are great, both for strength gains and for aesthetic gains. But maybe you really just want to focus on nice light weight and high reps and not worry about strength gains today. Or maybe you have a knee that […]

Workout Playlist #41

1) Metallica – Fuel Metallica will start your workout off with fuel, fire, and – dare I say it? – that which you desire. 2) twenty one pilots – Guns For Hands I love how, just when you think you know exactly where the downbeat is coming, twenty one pilots surprises you again. 3) Rise […]

Feminist Dictionary: “Girl”

You know what really grinds my gears? It bothers me when a woman is referred to as a “girl.” It happens more often than you would think. For example, how many times have you heard a male friend say, “So I’ve been seeing this girl who has a third breast!” or heard a coworker say, […]