Monthly Archives: March 2014


If you, like me, are in graduate school right now, then you, like me, are too busy shitting your pants 100% of the time to think about cooking. Let alone, God forbid, cooking anything that requires actual cleanup. But man cannot live on Easy Mac alone. Sometimes you need real food – food that didn’t […]

Workout Playlist #34 – St. Patrick’s Day Edition!

Bringing you your weekly monthly intermittent workout music fix – this time, peppered with questionably Irish influence! Happy St. Paddy’s day! 1) The Head and the Heart – Shake The Head and the Heart just recently made their way onto the scene with a terrible band name, but makes up for it with compelling beats […]

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love My Corporeal Form

We’ve all had those days, am I right, ladies? Days when you just feel insecure about yourself. You roll out of bed with one boob hanging out of your tank top, you go to the bathroom and take an enormous dump, you wolf down some leftover P.F. Chang’s for breakfast, and then you look in […]

Why is (The Color Pink) A “Girl Thing”?

In a recent study at the University of Maryland, several thousand participants were asked to name their favorite color. According to the study, 7% of the female participants chose pink as their favorite color, compared to only 1% of men. Even if we discount the percentage of those men who are obviously full of shit, […]