Monthly Archives: August 2013

A Lady’s Guide to Stretch Marks

Do me a favor and look down at your thighs. What do you see? You obviously don’t see pants, because why would you be on the internet wearing pants? Gross. You probably see some purple or white scars crisscrossing the fleshy inner part of your thigh. If you don’t, you are almost certainly far too […]

Summer Movies Part 2

If you recall, a few weeks ago I did a review of a few summer movies, all of them with the common thread of having only one major female character. Perhaps things are looking up, for this installment features three recent movies that feature not one but TWO important female characters. (Possibly even three!) Good […]

Why is (“Sex on the Beach”) a “Girl Thing”?

I’m not talking about the act. That would require, at the very least, TWO girls. No, I’m talking about the ubiquitous drink that you have probably either ordered or watched someone order at a bar at some point in your life: vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice. Fruity, sweet, and delicious. Have you […]

Greased Lightning – Part 2

Astroglide Base: Water. Claim to fame: “Real Pleasure – Lasts Longer” Texture: Pretty runny, enough to drip and run all over the place, but thick enough where it coats the area and lays on top of the skin in a slippery layer. Smell: None. Performance: A little bit goes a very long way and manages […]