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Introducing the Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival: Fighting the Patriarchy Since 2015

Good news, guys! Sexism is completely over! That’s right – no more inequality between men and women socially, in the workplace, or otherwise. We’ve completely solved it. Men and women now have equal rights in every situation, in every aspect of our lives. We should all be proud! We’ve┬ádone a great job eradicating prejudice and […]

What a Flat Tire Taught Me About Feminism

Pull up your blankies and your bowl of popcorn, cause it’s… STORY TIME! So the other day, I got a flat tire. I know, you’re riveted. Stay with me. I have roadside assistance, so I called them up and explained the situation. While doing so, a thought crossed my mind: I have the donut. I […]

News Flash: Actresses are People.

Recently, I was discussing the 2015 Oscar nominations with some coworkers. “Jennifer Aniston got totally robbed,” my boss remarked. “Oh?” I questioned. “For what?” “Cake,” she replied. “She deserved the Best Actress Nomination.” I hadn’t seen the movie, so I went home and looked it up. Aniston plays a woman suffering from chronic pain after […]

A Lady’s Guide to Classic Horror

I enjoy a good horror movie now and then. And, much like your grandpa, I also hate everything that has been invented post-Cold War. Twas a simpler time! When men were men, women were women, and children were sometimes possessed vomit-spouting demons! Some of my all-time favorite classic horror films feature women in a big […]

2014 Movie Roundup

I go to the movies a lot. Part of it is the fact that I like movies. I will take a movie over a TV show any day. The lack of time limit, while it sometimes tries my patience, is the best way to coax honest acting out of a cast. Part of it is […]


You know what I hate? Baby chimpanzees. No, but seriously. You know what I hate? That “YesAllWomen” hashtag. It’s for a good cause, I’ll give it that. It brought attention to the very important issue of a woman’s right not to get molested simply trying to walk to and from work. Or her right to […]

A Lady’s Guide to Being Offended

Today I would like to talk about being offended. It’s very popular to be offended nowadays. There are several reasons for this. The most obvious reason is that many fucking offensive things are happening, particularly to women, on a daily basis. We have every right to voice our outrage about these issues. The other reason, […]