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Feminist Dictionary: “Skinny” Food

Maybe you have noticed a pattern here on Feminist Dictionary, which is that I tend not to write about words that I don’t consider to have sexist or antiquated undertones in any way. Well, today is not an exception. Man, do I hate this word. I am referring to the instances where food bloggers, cooking […]

A Lady’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

You may have seen this latest diet trend splashed across the pages of fitness magazines: “Intermittent Fasting – The No-Diet Diet!” That isn’t an actual headline that I’ve seen – it’s the kind of thing I would write as a headline if I worked for a women’s magazine. Then they would pay me $48.00 an […]

Why is (Training Legs) A “Girl Thing”?

Yo, every day is arm day, am I right, bro? I’ve belonged to several gyms in the past few years, and in general, I have found that the stereotype of meatheads staring into the mirror doing bicep curls and grunting is by and large pretty exaggerated. Most of the time, I find women doing bicep […]

Feminist Dictionary: “Bikini Body”

If you’ve ever clicked on a link purporting itself to be “news” and been transported to a tabloid website such as TMZ or The Daily Mail, you know that the bulk of the material composing such websites is commentary on female bodies. If you’ve ever wondered how Jessica Simpson’s thighs are faring after squeezing out […]

Summer Movies – AKA Onscreen Sausagefest ’13

It’s supposed to be hotter than the surface of the sun here this weekend (give or take), and it probably is no picnic wherever you are, either. Maybe you should go see a movie this weekend! Because air conditioning just feels better when it’s somebody else’s. I’ve seen a few movies recently, and I was […]

A Lady’s Guide to Catcalling

I was walking down the sidewalk the other day with some friends, minding our own business and engaging in stimulating conversation about butthole bleaching. Out of the blue, a piercing whistle from a passing truck interrupted our chatter and was promptly followed up by a “Hey, shawty! What’s good?” “Ugh,” my friend spluttered, “catcalling is […]

Workout Playlist #28 – ’80s Edition!

1) Queen – Another One Bites the Dust You can boogie out a couple hundred reps to this one. Nice and slow. SQUEEZE IT. 2)┬áBilly Idol – White Wedding It’s a nice day to… START AGAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN 3) Michael Jackson – Black or White Ignore the irony and enjoy the song. 4) Wham! – Wake Me […]