Monthly Archives: February 2014

Hell-Bent on Consent

If you haven’t seen Frozen by now, there really is no help for you. Especially since it’s enjoyed such wonderful conversation surrounding it’s female-power message. The more I watch it (the tally is now at an embarrassing number), the more I love the final scene. SPOILER ALERT OBVIOUSLY IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT WHICH YOU […]

Feminist Dictionary: “Your Number”

No, I’m not talking about the thing that all the dudes ask for when you go out looking extra fly. Maybe you’ve heard the term while perusing a women’s advice column or lifestyle website. Maybe your girlfriends have brought it up in conversation. “What’s your Number these days?” This term is referring to the number […]

A Lady’s Guide to Precautions

There is a certain argument that pops up a lot of the time when a news story comes out about a woman being assaulted. The media has a tendency to judge whatever activity she was engaged in when the assault occurred, and based on the merits of that activity, decided whether or not she deserved […]

Workout Playlist #33

1) Goldfinger – Here in Your Bedroom Goldfinger will keep you guessing with this peppy jam. 2) AC/DC – Big Balls Let the 14-year-old boy in you come out. 3) Drowning Pool – Let the Bodies Hit the Floor The anthem of video game kill sprees everywhere. 4) Sammy Hagar – I Can’t Drive 55 […]