What’s in my Gym Bag – 2015 Edition

Way back in May of 2013, I did a post on what was in my gym bag. I figured it was time for an update, since I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats, anxiously awaiting updates about all the smelly equipment I lug around with me. Ask, and ye shall receive.

2015-01-05 15.18.26 (2)

1) My bag. I got this for free at a fitness expo. I love these cheap drawstring bags. Haters gonna hate.

2015-01-05 15.18.41 (2)

2) My lifting straps. These are new since my last gym bag post. They have velcro, unlike my last ones which merely hung on your wrists. These are all-around better quality.

2015-01-05 15.18.58

3) My “gloves,” if you want to call them that. I got these for Christmas. The brand is FitFour, and I think they are designed for Crossfit training, but I don’t roll like that. These are neat because they only cover the pads of your hands and the first knuckle of your fingers. They prevent callusing, but since they don’t cover your whole hand, you can wear them at the same time you wear your lifting straps. I like ’em.

2015-01-05 15.19.34

4) My shoes. Yes, I wear Vibram FiveFingers and I don’t care who knows it. They are so comfortable! I have had these for about a year and a half now and they are still holding strong. The bottoms are tough, yet flexible enough where I can feel the ground beneath me for better stability while lifting. They also provide little arch support, for those looking to build foot strength. And they go right in the washing machine and dryer! Which doesn’t mean they won’t get totally nasty. Stop judging me.

2015-01-05 15.19.44

5) My notebook, for writing down my workouts. This is the fifth or sixth one of these I have gone through in three years.

2015-01-05 15.19.54

6) A magazine, for passing time while doing cardio.

2015-01-05 15.20.14

7) My iPod nano and armband. Same dealio as last time. Nothing to see here, ma’am. Move along.

2015-01-05 15.20.27

So, there you have it. The full compliment of workout gear. DISCLAIMER: None of these brands have paid me to say I like them. They have no idea this blog exists. I am a speck of dust to them. They could crush me beneath their mighty feet.


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