Workout Playlist #41

1) Metallica – Fuel

Metallica will start your workout off with fuel, fire, and – dare I say it? – that which you desire.

2) twenty one pilots – Guns For Hands

I love how, just when you think you know exactly where the downbeat is coming, twenty one pilots surprises you again.

3) Rise Against – Collapse

Rise Against combines the frantic lightning of their guitar line with the skilled ups and downs of the vocals to produce a sort of measured chaos.

4) Marilyn Manson – Beautiful People

The militaristic tap of the drumbeat underneath Manson’s hissing vocals gives me the chills every time.

5) Queens of the Stone Age – Go With the Flow

QotSA has such an unmistakeably smooth sound, and Josh Homme’s classic vocals stand out in this song.

6) Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance

I have a love-hate relationship with this song. I hate how 80’s it sounds… but I love how 80’s it sounds. OK, so mostly I love it.

7) Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat 

It’s not fast-paced, but the new Lorde track has a crazy sexual pulse underneath it that doesn’t let up.

8) Foo Fighters – Rope

I am hard pressed to make a playlist without Foo Fighters on it, and this track provides just the right mid-playlist support.

9) The Offspring – Hammerhead

The Offspring knows how to spice up a chorus with just the right amount of panicked cymbals.

10) Macklemore – White Walls

Like Cee-Lo Green, I can’t make any claims about Macklemore’s integrity as a person. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy listening to his beats.

Total playlist time: 38:44


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