Workout Playlist #38 – Yoga!

Normally I gear my workout playlists toward a killer lifting session with lots of grunting and sweating. This time I decided to shake it up and post some of my favorite tracks to listen to during a nice, relaxing yoga practice. Let your mind detach and your muscles soften as these songs take you through your favorite asanas.


1) Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)

This is the perfect ambient start to your practice, beginning with a soothing combination of ethereal notes.

2) múm – K/Half Noise

Sometimes I think all the best shit comes out of Iceland. This experimental track starts out with just a few sustained chords and gradually gains a slow, grinding beat and haunting vocals.

3) Sigur Rós – Saeglopur

I love Jonsi Birgisson’s angelic falsetto, and this track crescendos to a climactic clashing of drums and synths.

4) Zoe Keating – Legions (Reverie)

Have you ever rocked your face off to a cello? Well, you have now!

5) Jai Uttal – Sita Ram (Raghupati)

Now that you’ve really begun your flow and the sweating has begun, get into a rhythm with this hymn of praise that have get you feeling very authentic and at peace, despite the Starbucks you had for breakfast this morning.

6) A. R. Rahman – O Saya

Pick up the pace with this fast and fun song straight from the soundtrack for the film Slumdog Millionaire.

7) Krishna Das – Namah Shivaya

Krishna Das has been making Hindu chant okay for white people since 1996. This song will keep you on your toes, switching tempos and ragas (themes) several times over it seven-minute duration.

8) O. S. Arun – Jai Jagdeesh Hare

This guy has sitar skills like the masters and a voice like warm ghee.

9) Coldplay – Atlas

You may recognize this from the Hunger Games soundtrack, but it works perfectly to cool down your session and focus on your breath.

10) Mazzy Star – Into Dust

Enter your śavāsana with this utterly soothing and almost eerie outpouring of emotion from mysterious vocalist Hope Sandoval.

Total playlist time: One hour


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