Feminist Dictionary: “Crazy”

“That bitch is crazy.”

Could one possibly use a more damning phrase in reference to a woman’s behavior? The term “crazy” has begun to gain usage as a blanket term for any and all actions a woman could take, other than making a sandwich or giving a no-strings-attached blowjob and then never calling you again.

Batteries not included.

Batteries not included.

A man who is rude is simply “being direct;” a rude woman is crazy. A standoffish man is “brooding;” a standoffish woman is crazy. A clingy man is “passionate;” a clingy woman is crazy. An emotional man is “sensitive;” an emotional woman is crazy. A manipulative man “knows what he wants;” a manipulative woman is crazy.

Do I make my point?

The same undesirable behaviors that are occasionally exhibited by all members of the human race are, when exhibited in a man, treated with a willingness to understand both the psyche of the person involved and any possible motives they could have for acting in such a way. The same behaviors, when exhibited in a female person, are treated with a dismissive “oh, she’s crazy.”

First of all, this terminology denotes that the female in question may be suffering from mental illness, which is not only derogatory to those actually struggling with mental illness, but is usually a factual inaccuracy.

But more importantly, this word, “crazy,” when used in this way, demonstrates a fundamental refusal to engage with the misbehaving person. If a man is acting in a way that is detrimental to himself or those around him, we are all about trying to fix the problem. If a woman does the same thing, we are champing at the bit to get rid of her with a “don’t worry about her, she’s crazy,” and a wave of the hand.

Instead, how about we ask ourselves, “Why?” Instead of deciding that your girlfriend is “crazy” because she called you eight times in one day, why not take a look at your own behavior and ask what possible reason she could have for doing this? Have you been ignoring her lately? Does she want the D? Instead of leaving it at, “Yo, this girl called me eight times today, she must be CRAZY,” it would be better problem-solving to try to understand her. She isn’t a baboon, making grunting noises at you and poking her prehensile tail in your ear; she has feelings and the ability to express those feelings in words, if only she were to be asked how she felt.


"You wouldn't understand if I told you."

“You wouldn’t understand if I told you.”

If the phrase “crazy bitch” could disappear altogether from this world, perhaps we would be forced into an attempt at understanding our fellow human beings, especially those in possession of vaginas. Because you don’t want to fuck with us. We will fuck you up. What? I blacked out for a minute. I meant because we are all human and females deserve to be treated with as much respect as anyone else.


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