Workout Playlist #31

1) Vampire Weekend – Unbelievers

I was so worried these guys would be one-hit wonders after “Mansard Roof,” but they continue to put out more and more addictive tunes.

2) Saliva – Click Click Boom

Set a PR to this one.

3) Bowling for Soup – Girl all the Bad Guys Want

Why did I have such a crush on these guys in 8th grade/always?

4) Foo Fighters – Breakout

A snappy, vastly underrated Foo Fighters hit, with a catchy fuckin’ hook.

5) Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls

If you don’t rock your face off to this song, you’re doing it all wrong.

6) Anberlin – Feel Good Drag

I can never understand a word Stephen says, but his high notes sure are well-crafted.

7) My Chemical Romance – Helena


8) Avicii  – Wake Me Up

I hate myself for loving this song. SERIOUSLY WHAT GENRE IS THIS? Country? Dance? Pop? Witch house? That’s a thing these days, right?

9) Weezer – Pink Triangle

A ballad to those lost loves playing for the other team.

10) Lady Gaga – Applause

It’s impossible not to do a runway walk to this song. I’ve tried.

Total playlist time: 38: 42


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