Why is (Training Legs) A “Girl Thing”?

Yo, every day is arm day, am I right, bro?



I’ve belonged to several gyms in the past few years, and in general, I have found that the stereotype of meatheads staring into the mirror doing bicep curls and grunting is by and large pretty exaggerated. Most of the time, I find women doing bicep curls right alongside the meatheads, and more often than not I see a decent number of guys working the squat rack. However, I do think that the stereotype still lives, in that upper body muscle is much more emphasized for men and leg muscle is much less of an issue. I know several male bodybuilders with tiny little chicken legs who have placed at the national level, yet when I see a woman with nicely developed delts, someone is bound to comment on how “manly” she looks. Personally, I don’t find the “uterus shape” attractive in a physique, yet men still sometimes take excuses not to work out legs, and women protest loudly when called upon to train pecs. Why? FOR GOD’S SAKE, WHYYY?!?

For me, it all comes back to our reproductive functions as women. The majority of our talents, sexually speaking, revolve around a nice set of birthin’ hips. Evolutionarily, a lady with a nice badonkadonk (that is a strict scientific term) makes a marginally better and more capable mate than one without. Strong hips, glutes, and legs are all bonuses for carrying a human being around inside oneself for nine months, not to mention looking fly.

Aside from having strong leg muscles, most women also want nice-looking legs, which just bring it back around to the childbirth issue. The ass region is very sexualized for women, more so than for men.

Why? Because this is the actual rear end of someone who exists in the world. Mull that over.

Why? Because this is the rear end of an actual male person who exists in the world. Mull that over.

Women’s clothing is usually tailored to emphasize the ass and legs; women’s pants are normally much tighter-fitting through the thighs and butt than men’s pants, and women’s shorts are much shorter than men’s shorts, which often just look like they put a pair of long pants through the dryer on too high a heat setting. We are expected to bare our legs far more often than men, who may only be naked from the knee up when showering or pooping.

Or shower-pooping (not recommended).

Or shower-pooping (not recommended).

What you have to keep in mind is that the body looks and functions its best when it is in proportion. Getting those long, lean gams is a great goal, but don’t forget to balance it with some upper body work. And remind your guy friends that your dick is bigger and stronger than their calves. Maybe it will inspire them to a leg day or two.


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