Workout Playlist #22

1) Journey – Any Way You Want It

Turn the volume all the way up for this one. It sort of demands it.

2) Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World

A departure from their usual guitar-heavy, epic hard-rock drama, On Top of the World takes an African-inspired, lightheared spin.

3) Fun. – Walking the Dog.

A fun tambourine beat, high-pitched vocals, and momentary pauses filled by the frolicking hook – classic Fun. And is that a theremin?! God, I hope so.

4) The Kinks – You Really Got Me

The Kinks have an uncanny ability to mesh contemporary, even futuristic beats and style with retro, nostalgic vocals. The result is a brilliantly syncopated, carefully composed track.

5) Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal

Apologies to Michael Jackson.

6) Capital Cities – Safe and Sound

If you’re me, this is a great song for harmonizing to with varying degrees of skill and accuracy.

7) The Unlikely Candidates – Follow My Feet

These dirty fucking hipsters can sing.

8) Tenacious D – Tribute

This is the only TD song that ever gets played on the radio, but it is by no means their most glorious. Check out the album to see what I mean.

9) Paramore – Still Into You

I was surprised the first time I heard this at what a poppy direction Paramore has taken lately, but I think it really suits them.

10) The Lonely Island – Jack Sparrow

I seriously never felt like a woman until I heard Michael Bolton’s part in this song. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll tear at your clothing.

Total playlist time: 33:01


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