Workout Playlist #19

1) Good Charlotte – I Don’t Wanna Be in Love

There are some really weird, unique chord progressions in this gem from usually-predictable yet loveable GC.

2) Bowling for Soup – Almost

This ALMOST feels like something you should swing-dance to. Actually, it definitely feels like that.

3) Sum 41 – In Too Deep

Possibly their song with the greatest degree of singability.

4) Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

No, Kurt, that’s the aroma of gains being made at the gym.

5) Incubus – Pardon Me

This is my theme song for when I’m doing cardio.

6) Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet With Butterfly Wings

Billy Corgan’s voice takes getting used to, but it shines in this song.

7) Queens of the Stone Age – Little Sister

The woodblock is infectious.

8) Eiffel 65 – Blue

We all thought that they were saying “I’m in need of a guy” instead of “Da ba dee, da ba die.” So much significance.

9) Angels & Airwaves – Sirens

Something about the chorus reminds me of that song in Tarzan when they trash the camp and use everything as percussion.

10) Boys Like Girls – Love Drunk

The perfect vapid summer-is-coming song.

Total playlist time: 38: 35


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