Workout Playlist #17: Broadway Edition Part 2!

1) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Go, Go, Go Joseph

If your name is Joseph, this song is extra motivational.

2) Chess – Nobody’s Side

When ABBA writes a musical, you know it’s gotta be good.

3) Miss Saigon – The Heat is On in Saigon


4) Moulin Rouge – Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Best part: 2:14 – 2:22.

5) Parade – The Old Red Hills of Home

This is my favorite musical of all time, and the soldier who kicks it off has an orgasmic tenor.

6) Oklahoma – I Cain’t Say No

Yay sluts!

7) Bat Boy – Hold Me, Bat Boy

The most ridiculous show in existence has an awesome first number.

8) Avenue Q – Schadenfreude

Who doesn’t love an anthem about reveling in the suffering of others?

9) Aida – My Strongest Suit

“Overwear, underwear, any time, ANYWHERE”

10) Assassins – The Ballad of Booth


Total playlist time: 44:03 depending on which versions you get.


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