A Lady’s Guide to Vagina Gazing


Your vagina.

You are aware of its existence. You wash it every day. You gird it in cute cotton panties with rubber duckies on them that you got at Kohl’s. Perhaps you even take a razor to it sometimes to give it a little bit of a groom. It bleeds, and you have to plug it up with little wads of cotton. Sometimes you put other, more entertaining things inside of it.

And yet it’s probably not something you spend undue amounts of time thinking about. You don’t lie awake nights, wondering if everything is okay down there. You don’t talk to it and let it know everything is going to be all right. And if you’re like the majority of human women, the only time you take a long, hard look at it is when you’re trying to do some maintenance on it. In fact, you probably put time and energy into avoiding a run-in with it, as though your vagina is a tattooed, 6’3″ male and you are walking down a dark alley. It scares you a little bit, with all its folds and its creases and its layers. Who knows what could be lurking in there?

Women don’t like to look at our vaginas. “They’re gross,” we say. “They’re ugly.” It’s not just straight girls, either. Lesbians who have years of experience playing with other people’s vaginas still have aversions to getting up close and personal with their own. Sure, we might touch them or venture a glance here and there. But we rarely bust out a hand mirror, get down in the squatting position in some good lighting, and really have a gander. But I would highly recommend doing exactly that, for several reasons.

The first is that sometimes things are going to go wrong with our vaginas, and woe betide us when that happens. Vaginas get infected. They get injured sometimes. They are like any other body part; they get bruised and bashed and besmirched. It’s a part of life. But sometimes those little maladies can be more than just a wee rash. Sometimes you may experience a serious amount of pain or discomfort emanating from your lady bits, and so you feel the burning desire to have a looksee before you let a professional vagina-gazer take over. But how are you going to know if there’s something wrong if you don’t know what your pussy looks like when it’s healthy? Maybe that tiny lump has always been there. Or maybe it’s always that florid shade of magenta. How will you know unless you’re familiar with your vagina’s natural state? It’s a little bit like doing a breast exam. Your boobs are pretty much always full of awkward lumps. It’s when there’s a lump that wasn’t there before that you need to become concerned.


But getting to visually know your vagina goes way beyond just medical knowledge. I believe there is a lot of self-confidence and love to be gained by staring raptly into your pussy’s mysterious depths. So many of us have this “my vagina is hideous” complex, and it’s no different from believing your thighs are fat, or that your hair is too red. It doesn’t contribute to high self-esteem to have hatred or revulsion for one part of your body.

And really, once you get down there and have a peek, there is nothing disgusting about a clean vagina. Go on, take out your mirror right now and pop down there. What do you see? Okay, so it’s not a double rainbow. But look closer. Really take it in. It’s just skin. Pink, fresh, healthy skin. Maybe it’s not pink. Maybe it’s brown, or a lovely pale lavender. That’s fine, too. Maybe you had to push aside some hair to see what was happening down there. That’s cool, yo. Maybe one side is bigger than the other. PROBABLY one side is bigger than the other. Don’t worry about it. It’s all good. It’s not disgusting. It’s your vagina, and it has been working super hard down there your entire life to keep you healthy. The least you can do is appreciate it every now and then. Give it a nice massage. Make it feel beautiful.

This is just advice. You don’t have to take it. But if seeing your vagina face-to-face for the first time frightens and intrigues you, please consider making it a semi-regular routine. It’s like reading a book over and over; the first time, it may be confusing and kind of weird, but by the tenth time, you know it so well that it’s like a dear old friend to you.




  1. Beautiful post about a wonderful part of a woman’s body. The vagina is beautiful in her own way.

  2. Gorgeous post. Thanks so much for your point of view and good writing. And that photo of a woman’s eye that has the vaginal shape – wow!

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