Workout Playlist #15

1) Gnarls Barkley – Go Go Gadget Gospel 2:33

One of their best and funkiest, I think. Good to start off a tough workout with.

2) The Dreaming – Bullet 2:50

This is equal parts catchy and angsty. I like the way he enunciates his consonants when he swears.

3) Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone 3:12

The version from Pitch Perfect is also pretty bomb.

4) MIKA – Kickass 3:14

If this was actually in the movie Kickass, I missed it, but it’s on the soundtrack and it’s really dancey.

5) Prodigy – Omen 3:18

Apparently this belongs to a genre called “big beat.” No word on whether this song comprises the entire genre.

6) The Dickies – Banana Splits 1:55

This song’s very high-pitched, upbeat vocals and fast guitar melody make me want to play outside.

7) David Guetta – Where Them Girls At 3:38

If you really listen, the lyrics in this song make no sense at all. But it’s still pretty fun and motivational.

8) The Beatles – Love Me Do 2:15

Simple and swingy.

9) Robyn – Hang With Me 3:44

Robyn does it again with glimmering synth background and pure, clean soprano vocals.

10) Lady Gaga – Telephone

Did humanity forget about this music video? I hope not. “Let’s make a sandwich!”


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