Workout Playlist #14

1) The Bravery – Above and Below

Taking influences from ska and alternative and mixing them together in one big, thick, sexy milkshake of sound, The Bravery has an instantly recognizable sound.

2) Everclear – Heroin Girl

I like my music like I like my men: angry and tragic. No, just kidding.

3) Counting Crows – Angels of the Silences

Sometimes I think CC uses the same two chord progressions in all their songs, but they still always come out with an expressive, sensitive sound.

4) DaVinci’s Notebook – Enormous Penis

Confidence booster. Amirite gentlemen?

5) Blink 182 – The Rock Show

Probably one of my top 50 songs of all time. That’s a more exclusive list than it sounds like it is.

6) The Beatles – Hard Day’s Night

This is a really fun movie and an equally fun song.

7) Soil – The One

If you’ve ever wished that James Hetfield’s voice and Chad Kroeger’s voice would breed… well then you’re fucked up.

8) Disney’s Tangled – When Will My Life Begin?

This move was so much better than it had any right to be.

9) Family of the Year – Diversity

With big, choral vocals and echoing guitar, FotY makes me feel like I’m jogging around a stadium.

10) The Who – Pinball Wizard


Total playlist time: 30:47


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