Workout Playlist #12

1) Kanye West – Stronger 4:27

I sometimes feel as though liking Kanye West’s music is like saying Hitler did some pretty good paintings, but this song is such a tune.

2) Fountains of Wayne – Stacey’s Mom 3:24

Admit it. You love this jam.

3) Kate Nash – Mouthwash 4:03

Kate Nash has really fun, light vocals. If you like Regina Spektor, you’ll like Kate.

4) The Killers – Mr. Brightside 3:48

I am not a Killers fan, but there is something about Mr. Brightside that feels important.

5) Mika – We Are Golden 4:09

Mika’s tenor is precious and sparkling.

6) Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack – O Saya 3:34

The drums on this soundtrack were so powerful and strong, just like us!

7) Weezer – Greatest Man Who Ever Lived 5:17

Nothing like total narcissism to get you through a tough workout.

8) Young the Giant – My Body 4:11

My body… is getting super buff.

9) The Script – Hall of Fame 3:54

This could feel really lame and dull without, but it somehow manages to straddle that line between sensitive and wimpy.

10) Mumford and Sons – Lover of the Light 5:15

These fellas can do no wrong.

Total playlist time: 42: 02


One comment

  1. Good choices! Every time I use Stronger in my Spinning classes, about halfway through the (super-heavy) climb, I remember why it only makes an appearance once in a while … it seems like it goes on forever when your legs are burning!

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