Workout Playlist #10 – Broadway Edition!

Warning: If you have extreme aversions to music nerdery, you may want to vacate the premises right now. That’s right, people. This playlist is going to expose my true colors as a closeted theatre geek. I’m not actually that big of a musical theatre person, fortunately for you. But every now and then you just need to sing loudly whilst pumping away at the elliptical, scaring away everyone within earshot. These classic Broadway tunes are perfect for that.

1) Wicked – What is This Feeling?

One of the best duets of all time. This is great for when you’re working out with a partner and you both know the words. Never again shall you experience such bonding.

2) Hair – Hair

I saw Hair with my Dad on Broadway when I was about 18, bereft of the knowledge that the entire cast was going to take all their clothes off onstage at the end. Next time you casually mention “that awkward moment when…” think of my life and reflect upon what an actual awkward moment is.

3) Jesus Christ Superstar – Heaven on Their Minds

This song has so much soul it’s actually gross.

4) Urinetown – Run, Freedom, Run

Urinetown is about a fictional town where everyone has to pay if they want to use the restroom. Also known as the United Kingdom.

5) Les Miserables – At the End of the Day

I don’t want to talk about it. I just want you to listen to it.

6) Tick… Tick… Boom! – Louder Than Words

This is from a lesser-known work by the same guy who gave us Rent. It has some real duds, but this great upbeat tune fits perfectly mid-workout.

7) The Last 5 Years – Moving Too Fast

Overall, The Last 5 Years is a pretty depressing show, but the performances by Sheri Rene Scott and Norbert Leo Butz are badass.

8) Rent – Out Tonight

If ever you take my advice, take it now: get the movie version, not the Broadway version. That is, if you think Rosario Dawson is hot and don’t like listening to Daphne Rubin-Vega’s three-pack-a-day smoking rasp. WENT THERE

9) Hairspray – You Can’t Stop the Beat

One of my favorite movies of all time. Tragically.

10) Godspell – We Beseech Thee

I know it’s sounding like I really like Jesus musicals. What can I say? Anyway, who doesn’t love Godspell? I mean, it’s The New Testament with clowns. Adorable.

Total playlist time: approximately 41:45, depending on which versions you have.


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