Workout Playlist #9

1) Flo Rida – Whistle

Songs about blowjobs, lol.

2) Silversun Pickups – The Pit

This guy’s voice has never particularly blown my skirt up, but this song is just so intense and funky.

3) Cee-Lo Green – Bright Lights Big City

I feel like a complete superstar when I hear this intro.

4) Asia – Heat of the Moment

Not only is Heat of the Moment in The 40-Year-Old Virgin during the most important scene of all time, aka the one where Andy is pedaling like mad, trying to win back the woman of his dreams, but it is also a quality tune.

5) Blink 182 – Stay Together for the Kids

As long as Blink-182 is putting out embarrassing music, I will listen to them.

6) Boston – More Than A Feeling

I went to a Boston concert once, and when they played this song I swear to you right now, a star supernovaed somewhere in the universe right above our heads from the sheer magnitude of the awesome.

7) Foo Fighters – These Days

Davey Grohl does it again.

8) Eddie Money – Take Me Home Tonight

I’m actually really scared to see a music video for this.

9) Jack’s Mannequin – The Mixed Tape

I read your letter. The one you left when you BROKE INTO MY HOUSE!!!

10) Kari Kimmel – Black

Ever since they used this song on the Season 3 trailer for Walking Dead, I’ve been completely obsessed. If you’re ever slowly walking somewhere over gravel in heavy boots, put on this song and feel like a Hell’s Angel.

Total playlist time: 40:14


One comment

  1. Bright Lights Big City is one of my favorite songs! I agree it brings out the superstar in everyone when they hear it 🙂

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