Workout Playlist #7

1) Jet Black Stare – Ready to Roll

In the dictionary, under the definition of “rock and roll,” there is a photo of this song. Wait, what?

2) Disney’s The Little Mermaid – Under the Sea

Sing it, Sebastian.

3) The Starting Line – Best of Me

The gee-tar in this track is sharp and piercing, with just the right hint of scratchiness.

4) Matchbox 20 – Real World

Stop hassling him. Seriously. Quit it.

5) Macklemore – Ten Thousand Hours

Macklemore hasn’t been around very long, but this guy knows how to get it done. Beautiful lyrics, flawless flow, a compelling beat, a contrasting yet complementary hook – it’s like a recipe for the perfect rap song.

6) A-Ha – Take On Me

So many octaves, so little time. Also, has there ever been a better music video in all of history?

7) Good Charlotte – The Anthem


8) Reverse Order – These Summer Nights

What can I say? It’s generic yet unrelentingly catchy pop-punk.

9) Boston – Don’t Look Back

Don’t hate me for making you relive the 80’s. It does a body good.

10) Sum 41 – The Hell Song


Total Playlist Time: 37:57


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