Workout Playlist #5

1) Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

Robyn has a lot of quality tunes. This one is spiced up with just a hint of wubwub.

2) Nine Days – Absolutely (Story of a Girl)

Remember this?

3) 3 Doors Down – Let Me Go

Come on. You know you secretly love the drama of 3 Doors Down. They just get it, man.

4) Atomic Tom – Take Me Out

I bet you’ve never heard of Atomic Tom. Neither have I. But the beat in Take Me Out is irresistible.

5) Mobb Deep – Shook Ones (pt. 2)

Hailed as arguably the best rap song ever recorded, Shook Ones (pt 2) will carry you gently through the workout halfway hump.

6) JoJo – Too Little, Too Late

Why isn’t JoJo more famous? Like, 3:21? Are you SHITTING ME?!

7) Bowling for Soup – 1985

I love lighthearted pop-punk.

8) Bjork – Earth Intruders

If you have a tendency to get bored during your workout, Bjork will cure that in a hot second. This track boasts everything from squelching footsteps to what sounds like someone banging on a tin can with spoons.

9) Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love

The drums in this song always remind me of some sort of intense Native American powwow.

10) Foo Fighters – D.O.A.

The Grohlmeister. He’s gonna pump you the fuck up for those last four minutes.


Total Playlist time: 34:41


One comment

  1. samssocial · · Reply

    Agreed. Robyn is amazing.

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