I’ve never understood the attraction to this new-school, R&B bullshit when it comes to Christmas music. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to hear you riff 4,378 times during “Jingle Bells.” Therefore, this is my ultimate Christmas 2014 playlist, so you can rock out to some classy-ass music while you’re putting up decorations. (Sorry, non-Christmas […]

You know what I hate? Baby chimpanzees. No, but seriously. You know what I hate? That “YesAllWomen” hashtag. It’s for a good cause, I’ll give it that. It brought attention to the very important issue of a woman’s right not to get molested simply trying to walk to and from work. Or her right to […]

Living with someone who does not eat gluten, and also being a person who would do depraved things for a cookie, I have a lot of experience cooking and baking with gluten-free alternatives to flour. I have tried almost everything in my baking experiments to get my bread dough to stretch nicely, my cookies to bake […]

Today I would like to talk about being offended. It’s very popular to be offended nowadays. There are several reasons for this. The most obvious reason is that many fucking offensive things are happening, particularly to women, on a daily basis. We have every right to voice our outrage about these issues. The other reason, […]

1) Big Data – Dangerous This infectious 70’s-inspired groove has just enough funk to it to get your workout off to a good start. 2) Breaking Benjamin – I Will Not Bow And now for something completely different! 3) U2 – The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) I mean, if you’ve bought a new iPhone recently, […]

Do: Tell me if I’m about to hurt myself. One time, when I was at my old gym, a young gentleman of about my age came up to me while I was on the squat rack and informed me that I in fact had a five-pound plate on one side of my bar, and a […]

You may recall, especially if you have nothing better to do than sit around in your beanbag chair all day reading crotchety feminist blogs in your underoos, that I previously did a guide to self-waxing featuring the Nair sugar wax kit and titled it “A Lady’s Guide to Waxing,” aimed toward all those of you […]


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