So we’re all squatting. (You are squatting, aren’t you? You’ll love it, I promise!) And squats are great, both for strength gains and for aesthetic gains. But maybe you really just want to focus on nice light weight and high reps and not worry about strength gains today. Or maybe you have a knee that […]

1) Metallica – Fuel Metallica will start your workout off with fuel, fire, and – dare I say it? – that which you desire. 2) twenty one pilots – Guns For Hands I love how, just when you think you know exactly where the downbeat is coming, twenty one pilots surprises you again. 3) Rise […]

You know what really grinds my gears? It bothers me when a woman is referred to as a “girl.” It happens more often than you would think. For example, how many times have you heard a male friend say, “So I’ve been seeing this girl who has a third breast!” or heard a coworker say, […]

Back when I was in grammar school, I was your standard cis gendered female child with plenty of female friends. We played Barbie dolls together, wore lots of pink and sparkles, and agreed that boys had cooties and were “icky.” It was a simpler time. Once adolescence hit, we became inured to the notion that […]

Don’t neglect your pecs! When you work chest, you are usually also engaging your triceps, which are a secondary muscle to your pectorals. The triceps are also the muscles that make your arms look swole – NOT your biceps. The bicep only has two heads – BIcep, two heads, get it? But the tricep has […]

1) Quiet Riot – Cum on Feel The Noize This (vastly superior) cover of a Slade song will get you super pumped for your workout! 2) Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong One of the few songs currently on the top 40 that sounds like it actually had some thought put into it. 3) […]

The other day, I came in to work in the morning and noticed the dress┬ámy friend was wearing. Immediately, I said to her, “That is such a cute dress.” “Thank you!” she beamed, as I instantly realized: I really don’t even like the dress that much. I gave my friend a compliment about her dress […]


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